General Meeting for November 13, 2015 @ 7:30pm

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Testing Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity (Gravity)

Peter Sutherland began his 37-year career at Mac in 1976 when the Physics Department was given permission to hire two astronomers/astrophysicists. He was hired along with Bill Harris, an observational astronomer and world expert on globular clusters. Peter is a theoretical astrophysicist, and much of his research has been concerned with neutron stars, pulsars, supernovae, and X-ray binary systems. Peter retired in 2013 but still teaches the occasional course in  physics. While he enjoyed teaching and research, he was also happy to serve in a wide range of administrative capacities – Chair, Dean, and (twice) President of the McMaster University Faculty Association. He has diverse musical and reading tastes. An avid cyclist and outdoors-man, he takes regular canoe trips with his wife and also with his best friend. In May this year he was part of a small group that went trekking in Nepal, around Annapurna. He is especially proud of his three children, the youngest of whom is currently an MA student at Mac and a water polo player.

Place and Time

We’ll be meeting at The Hamilton Spectator Building located at 44 Frid St, near the junction of Highway 403 and Main St West in Hamilton. Starting time is at 7:30pm. Admission is free and everyone is welcome!

Door Prizes

There will be a draw for door prizes at the meeting and a free door prize ticket to all who arrive before the 7:30 start time!

Food Share Donations

Donations of non-perishable food for the Hamilton Food Share program will be collected at this meeting. Please drop off any items at the drop-box located near the entrance of the auditorium. All donations gratefully accepted and thanks to your generosity we’ve collected thousands of pounds of food since we began. Let’s keep up the great work as the need continues.