September Members Meeting

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Join us this Friday for our September members meeting.  We have a great meeting planned with some great speakers.
This is an online Zoom meeting and all members are invited to join in and enjoy the presentations. Alternatively you can view it on our YouTube channel here.

This month we have 3 presentations.  First we have Adam Gesjorskyj who has put together a wonderful instructional video on planetary imaging. 

We follow with another video created by our own Melissa and Brian Whitman who have put together a wonderful video about this summer’s solar eclipse.  

And of course, we will also have an instalment of The Sky This Month, with Matthew Mannering to guide us through the September sky (who may or may not have a video; you never know!).  

And as always we will have door prizes to hand out!

Photo credit: The Milky Way by Matthew Mannering