Speaking Events Schedule at Hamilton & Grimsby Public Libraries

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The Hamilton Amateur Astronomers’ very own John Gauvreau will be speaking at Hamilton & Grimsby Public Libraries between July and October. Well worth checking out, John covers a wide range of astronomical topics both informative and entertaining.

Be sure to visit an event near you!

  • Thursday July 13 – 2:30pm – Terryberry Library.  Kids show.
  • Friday July 28 – 2:30pm – Red Hill Library.  Kids show.
  • Wednesday August 9 – 2:30pm – Barton Library.  Kids show.
  • Monday September 18 – 6pm – Saltfleet Library.  General audience.  ‘The Past, Present and Future of Planet 9’
  • Tuesday September 19 – 7pm – Grimsby Library.  General audience.  ‘Tour of the Universe’
  • Thursday September 21 – 7pm – Terryberry Library.  TBA (I’m not doing this talk, Bernie is)
  • Thursday September 28 – 7pm – Turner Park Library.  General audience.  ‘The Past, Present and Future of Planet 9’
  • Thursday October 5 – 7pm – Westday Library. General audience.  ‘The Past, Present and Future of Planet 9’

* Any of the September or October talks might be substituted with an eclipse talk.

A Tour of the Universe

In this richly illustrated tour of the universe, we travel from the safety of our home planet out through the solar system, visiting the current rovers on Mars and the rings of Saturn, before heading out into deep space. The latest images from the Hubble Space Telescope and other space probes show us giant clouds of gas where new stars are being formed and great cities of stars.  We leave the Milky Way galaxy to travel to the farthest reaches of the universe and come face to face with the incredible vastness of our cosmos before finally returning to Earth from a rather unique perspective.

The Past, Present and Future of Planet 9

Pluto has always been the favourite of many who have cast their thoughts out to the stars and planets.  More than that though, it has played a key role in our understanding of how our solar system is formed and it may be the key to further exploration of our neighbourhood of space.  In this richly illustrated presentation we explore its history, our recent discoveries and how it may lead us to one of the greatest astronomical discoveries of the 21st century.

Educational and entertaining, this presentation is suitable for all audiences.

John Gauvreau was the astronomy instructor at Mohawk College for 20 years and has spoken at a wide variety of venues, including schools, libraries, conservation areas, churches, the McMaster University planetarium and the Ontario Science  Centre.  He created and operates Galileo’s Classroom, an in-school interactive program aimed at the grade 6 space science unit, has sat on the national council of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and currently volunteers for the Hamilton Amateur Astronomers and others.