Peek-a-boo: The Value of Astronomical Occultations

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Peek-a-boo: The Value of Astronomical Occultations

Join us online this Friday January 14 at 7:30 PM EST as we welcome Dr. Paul Delaney and his presentation “Peek-a-boo: The Value of Astronomical Occultations”.

As amateur astronomers, there are countless ways that your observations are invaluable to the pursuit if our understanding of the universe. Planetary and stellar occultations can provide us with insights into orbital parameters, dimensions and thus object shape, the presence of rings and atmospheres, etc. This talk will highlight some of the more famous occultation observations of the past while revealing how just a little time and effort can be both scientifically rewarding and personally very satisfying.

Of course, we will also have an instalment of The Sky This Month, with Matthew Mannering to guide us through the January sky.

And as always we will have door prizes to hand out for club members!

This will be an online Zoom meeting and all members are invited to join in and enjoy the presentations. Alternatively you can view it on our YouTube channel here.

We hope to “see” you there!