Partial Lunar Eclipse of November 19

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This Thursday night/Friday morning we are in for a treat as we will have an opportunity to catch a partial lunar eclipse. This month’s full moon, which is traditionally called the “beaver moon” (how Canadian is that?!) occurs at 3:57 AM EST on Friday morning.

The moon will enter the umbra at 2:18 AM EST and will exit 3 hours and 28 minutes later at 5:47 AM EST with maximum occurring at 4:02 AM with the moon being shadowed by 97% (!). It will also be the longest lunar eclipse in over 500 years!

As with most lunar eclipses you will notice the moon having a reddish colour however there will be a slight sliver of light at its southern rim as it will be outside of the earth’s shadow. No need for eye protection as lunar eclipses are safe to observe directly.

Hopefully the weather cooperates, however if it doesn’t, we have several online resources where you can watch it live;

The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA

Here are some additional sources:

1. Virtual Telescope/Gianluca Masi

2. High Point Scientific
High Point also has a guide for taking photos of the eclipse:
Check out our guide on How to Photograph a Lunar Eclipse:…

3. Lowell Observatory – Arizona, US

4. Astronomical Society of South Australia

Team: Starry Knights
Location: Waimea, Hawaii

Team: Live Sky Camera: Asahi Shimbun and Subaru Telescope
Location: Maunakea, Hawaii

Happy lunar eclipse watching!

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