Muin and the Search for Life in the Universe

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Join us online Friday October 16th at 7:30, as we will be holding our October member’s meeting!  This is an online Zoom meeting, and all members are invited to join and enjoy the presentations.  All non-members are welcome to join the YouTube live stream. The link will be posted here and all social media platforms at 7:15PM just prior to the meeting.

Our special guest speaker this month is Dr. Hilding Neilson who will be speaking about Muin and the Search for Life in the Universe.

Dr. Neilson, who is a Mi’kmaw person, describes his talk; “The Mi’kmaw people from the eastern part of Turtle Island have a story that is told throughout the year about seven bird hunters hunting the bear. That story relates principles of ethics and conservation as well as reflecting our place on the land. The story also reflects a scientific worldview that many Indigenous peoples share that is not the same as the traditional western perspective. That worldview influences how we understand nature and the Universe and how we relate to the sky above.”  I am very much looking forward to his presentation.

Of course, everybody’s favourite, Matthew Mannering will be there as well with a new edition of The Sky This Month.

And as a special treat this month, we are going to give away some door prizes.  Yes, even though we are distanced, we will find a way! (door prizes will be available for pickup in Hamilton).

We hope you can join!

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