Annual General Meeting and Council Elections

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General Meeting for October 11th 2019.

Join us this Friday for our annual general meeting, in which we hold elections for the next year’s council, hear what everyone has been up to and generally take care of business.

But that’s not all! It’s also game night; get ready for Messier Bingo! Grab your bingo sheet as you come in the door and be ready with your Messier objects trivia.

Optics expert Barry Sherman will be showing us his newest (in a long line) of telescopes.

Bob Christmas will once again share his vast knowledge of the sky with an installment of The Sky This Month which you won’t want to miss!

Place and Time

We’ll be meeting at The Hamilton Spectator Building located at 44 Frid St, near the junction of Highway 403 and Main St West in Hamilton for one last time. Starting time is at 7:30pm. Admission is free and everyone is welcome!

Door Prizes

There will be a draw for door prizes at the meeting and a free door prize ticket to all who arrive before the 7:30 start time!

Food Share Donations

Donations of non-perishable food for the Hamilton Food Share program will be collected at this meeting. Please drop off any items at the drop-box located near the entrance of the auditorium. All donations gratefully accepted and thanks to your generosity we’ve collected thousands of pounds of food since we began. Let’s keep up the great work as the need continues.

Photo credit: National Science Foundation