2017 Celestial Events Calendar Submissions

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The Hamilton Amateur Astronomer’s 2017 Celestial Events Calendar is in production and it’s time to submit your images! 

The HAA calendar showcases photos, illustrations and other visuals exclusively from you, HAA club members. Everyone is encouraged to participate from very experienced astrophotographers to absolute beginners — all images are welcome.

When sending your photo, please submit the highest resolution you have in JPG format. In order to fit the format of the calendar please ensure your photos are in landscape orientation. You can submit as many images as you want and they can be astrophotos, related subjects (like sunsets or atmospheric phenomena), club events and activities. Please include a few details about your photo, the equipment used, where it was taken or anything else relevant.

Deadline for submissions is September 30, 2016.

Please submit your photos to webmaster@amateurastronomy.org.

Please note that by submitting a photo you are granting The Hamilton Amateur Astonomers right to publish your photo in the 2017 Celestial Events Calendar.

Photo credit: Aurora – Everett Cairns