Star Party Activities

Any activities listed below are completely optional.

Observatory Tours

E.S. Fox Observatory

Saturday September 24, 2022 Time: TBD

The E.S. Fox Observatory is a roll-off roof observatory located on the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre property outside of Oliphant, Ontario. The observatory opened in 2011. It is operated by the Bluewater Astronomical Society in partnership with the Bluewater Education Foundation and the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre. Number of people inside the observatory may be limited due to Covid restrictions.

Private Double Observatory Tour

Saturday September 24th, 2022 Time: 1:00 pm

These two domed observatories are located at a private residence. To protect the owners privacy, details and location will only be shared with registered star party attendees once they arrive at Andromeda Meadow.

Due to the size of the facilities, this tour can only accommodate 15 participants. Contact one of the star party organizers at or if you are interested in this tour. A waiting list will be created if needed.

Out of this World Food & Beverages

Morning Cafe

Saturday, Sunday and Monday Time: 9:30 am until 11:00 am

Coffee, hot water and tea bags will be available at the Bunkie/Registration Tent for anyone looking for a hot beverage and a chat about the previous night’s observing. Bring your own mug, cup, spoon, etc. and any needed condiments. A donation jar will be available to help cover the cost of the coffee and tea.

Potluck dinner

Saturday September 24th, 2022 Time: 5:00pm

A camping-style Potluck dinner will be organized at the Bunkie/Registration Tent on Saturday. This means you will need to bring (and then wash) your own plates, bowls, cutlery, napkins, serving bowls, etc. If possible, please also provide a list food ingredients to allow for those with food allergies/sensitivities to make informed choices.

Other Day Time Activities in the Area

The Bruce Peninsula area has a wealth of non-astronomical activities, site seeing and photographic opportunities. Be sure to do your own research about the area to find things that might be of interest to you and your family. The following list is just a few of the highlights: