A Moment in Time; Visiting Galileo’s Classroom, September 9 General Meeting

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This unique and lively presentation is sure to entertain all ages and is especially suitable for newcomers to astronomy.

In the first half of the evening travel back to Renaissance Italy in March of 1610, where Galileo himself is portrayed as introducing you to his newest scientific instrument. Hear in his own words how he built this telescope, the observations he made, and the magnificent discoveries that even he realized would revolutionize our understanding of the heavens.

Then return to the present, as guest speaker John Gauvreau describes the great impact of this moment in history, showing how even today modern science still builds upon what Galileo started so long ago. The importance and value of this 400 year journey reaches far beyond just astronomy and science to change the very way we see the world in which we live.

About John Gauvreau

John Gauvreau was the astronomy instructor at Mohawk College for 20 years and has spoken at a wide variety of venues, including schools, libraries, conservation areas, churches, the McMaster University planetarium and the Ontario Science Centre.  He created and operates Galileo’s Classroom, an in-school interactive program aimed at the grade 6 space science unit, has sat on the national council of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and currently volunteers for what he thinks is the best astronomy club in the world, the Hamilton Amateur Astronomers.

Place and Time

We’ll be meeting at The Hamilton Spectator Building located at 44 Frid St, near the junction of Highway 403 and Main St West in Hamilton. Starting time is at 7:30pm. Admission is free and everyone is welcome!

Door Prizes

There will be a draw for door prizes at the meeting and a free door prize ticket to all who arrive before the 7:30 start time!

Food Share Donations

Donations of non-perishable food for the Hamilton Food Share program will be collected at this meeting. Please drop off any items at the drop-box located near the entrance of the auditorium. All donations gratefully accepted and thanks to your generosity we’ve collected thousands of pounds of food since we began. Let’s keep up the great work as the need continues.

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Avatar Kirk Anderson says:

Hi I am not a member but I am a member of the Hamilton camera club and we have an assignment on astrophotograpy this year.
Could you tell me if it is permissible to take pictures at the Binbrook conservation area at night or do you need permission to get into the park. Or could you advise of a place that is close to Hamilton that is reasonably good for Astrophotography.
Thanks for your time.

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