Goal Oriented Observing

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How do you get the most of a night under the stars? How do you make sure you never run out of things to explore? If you’re looking to broaden your stargazing experience, having a specific set of goals is the way to go. That’s why so many astronomical organizations have observing programs. In this talk on Friday March 11 at 7:30 PM, author and astronomer John A. Read will discuss three programs, common among these organizations: Explore the Universe, Explore the Moon, and the Messier objects. He’s written several books with the goal of simplifying the stargazing experience. 110 Things to See with a Telescope, 50 Things to See on the Moon, and Learn To Stargaze – No Telescope Required (coming summer 2022). With the use of these simple guides, you’ll be accomplishing your stargazing goals before you know it.

John A. Read fell in love with astronomy in his late twenties after viewing Saturn in a small telescope. A few years later, he quit his job in the Fortune 500 to become a full-time astrophysics student, author, YouTuber, and father of three. He has written 14 books about space, with another due out this summer.  In 2020, Read was the recipient of the Simon Newcomb Award, for his books, from the RASC.

Of course, we will also have an installment of The Sky This Month, with Matthew Mannering to guide us through the March sky.

And as always we will have “door prizes” to virtually hand out for club members!

This will be an online Zoom meeting and all members are invited to join in and enjoy the presentations. New this month you can view it on our Facebook channel here or watch it at a later date on our YouTube channel here

We hope to “see” you there!

Photo credit: skynews.ca