2018 Celestial Events Calendar

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The Hamilton Amateur Astronomers 2018 Celestial Events Calendar is now available!

This cosmic collection of club member photos is out of this world and set to blast off at the next General Meeting (Nov 10) for $15 each or two for $25. Each month includes upcoming celestial events, Moon phases, Sunrise/Sunset times, and astro-tips to keep you informed this 2018.

All revenue generated from calendar sales goes back into the club to help support future club activities!

Be sure to beam-up your calendar and don’t forget they also make excellent holiday gifts!



kasia says:

Will there be any events for kids?

    All of our events are kid friendly and our public outreach events are particularly great for kids as they can get a hands-on view of celestial objects. Everyone remembers the first time they saw the rings of Saturn with their own eyes! Check out the upcoming Club Events page for time and locations of our public outreach events.

maureen says:

Hi there im interested in your group, I have no experience, just a wonder of what you do!! Regards Maureen

    The Hamilton Amateur Astronomers is a non-profit organization dedicated to the enjoyment and advancement of astronomy. We are the largest independent astronomy club in Canada. Each month we host public meetings featuring presentations by professional and amateur astronomers, release a monthly newsletter and hold public stargazing events in Hamilton and surrounding area. Our local dark sky site at Binbrook Conservation Area is available to members for observing. The club also offers new members an introduction to astronomy program and a loaner telescope program. If members do not have their own telescope, they can borrow one from the club. Other club activities may include the telescope making group, astronomy book club, astrophotography group and the cosmology discussion group.

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