Links for Observation Planning

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In my talk and articles, I have often referred to certain free web resources which are useful observing planning tools.

These web pages allow you to locate items of interest in the sky, which vary (such as the location and brightness of asteroids) or are best observed from certain places on earth (such as eclipse paths).

Here are some links to them:

Heavens-above visible asteroids

The photographer’s ephemeris: An excellent site for figuring out where to look for the moon-rise. You can either click on your target and extrapolate the direction backwards to estimate where to set up, or choose your favourite observing location, and check for which days will have Moonrise or Sunrise or Moonset or Sunset in line with some Earth-bound scenery.

Nasa Eclipse Website for 2017

Nasa Eclipse Website for 2024


Photo Credit: John Gauvreau