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In response to: What a week!

don pullen [Member]
It's nice to see that since the weather is getting nicer, more and more members are getting out and observing. Tyneside is great location to observe from and is convenient for everyone.
Thanks for the report Steve.
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John GAUVREAU [Member]
Thanks, Don!
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don pullen [Member]
Nice shot John. Nicely exposed with the city in the foreground.
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In response to: Comet Hergenrother in Pegasus

Jim WAMSLEY [Member]
Great shot Ann well done
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In response to: Comet Hergenrother in Pegasus

don pullen [Member]
Nicely done Ann & Bill.
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In response to: Comet Hergenrother in Pegasus

John GAUVREAU [Member]
Wonderful! Even if it didn't show up visually through the light pollution of the city, it certainly shows nicely in your photo, even sporting a clearly visible tail! Well done!
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In response to: Cosmology group meeting

John GAUVREAU [Member]
I had a great time at cosmology. Looking forward to astrophotography! (I have a lot to learn!)
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In response to: Impact on Jupiter

don pullen [Member]
Heard about this while at Black Forest Star Party. I tried to spot it one it night in my scope and thru a larger scope another night without luck. Later found out that no scar appeared this time - probably accounts for why we didn't see anything.
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In response to: Black Forest Star Party 2012

don pullen [Member]
Good report Matthew. Thanks for posting.
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In response to: Impact on Jupiter

John GAUVREAU [Member]
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In response to: VENUS TRANSIT .. 5 June 2012

don pullen [Member]
Nice image Mike and Therese.
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In response to: March 31 Grimsby Public Stargazing Event

don pullen [Member]
Great images Ann and thanks for posting. It was a lot of fun and we had a great turn out. We've been lucky that the weather has cooperated for us each time we've gone to this location and get good crowds. Nice bonus with the lights being off for Earth Hour.
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In response to: Io, Its Shadow and The Great Red Spot

John GAUVREAU [Member]
I have to echo Matthew and Don. Amazing image! Well done!
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In response to: Io, Its Shadow and The Great Red Spot

don pullen [Member]
Well done Ann!
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In response to: Io, Its Shadow and The Great Red Spot

matthewm [Member]
Nice going Ann!
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In response to: CME Impact October 24

Tekatch Ann [Member]
Update: October 25/11

Keith Mann and his family were at our alternate observing site (Tyneside Road)last night. Here are their observations of the aurora:

Date: 24 Oct 2011
Time: Approx. 2130-2300
Location: HAA Binbrook Site 2 (Tyneside Road) 43.114755, -79.879906

Weather: Clear
Temp: Approx 8C dropping
Moon: None
Darkness: Good, light pollution to north
Seeing: V. Good (4/5)

Observation #: 1
Time: Approx. 2130
Object: Aurora Borealis
Instrument: None
Position: Entire northern sky

First visible as we drove to site. Shimmering curtain-like aurora
visible across entire northern sky, especially western half, above
light-pollution to at least 60 degrees declination. Colour lightening
from bright green (lower) through white (higher). Visible for about 15
minutes. Suzanne's notes:

"Late in the evening, between 9:00 and 10:00, Keith and I drove along
Tyneside Road. I just happened to look up to my right and saw the most
amazing lights: like drapes ? green on top and red on bottom ? they
seemed to cover the sky no matter where I looked."
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In response to: Camping under the Aurora

John GAUVREAU [Member]
Awesome! So great so see aurora agin, Nicely done, Dave!
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In response to: Camping under the Aurora

steveg [Member]
That's an excellent photos. It really captures the essence that Aurora's are green!
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In response to: Camping under the Aurora

Tekatch Ann [Member]
What a beautiful photo, Dave. I love the eerie reflection in the water.

Looks like another calendar photo to me. (hint, hint)
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In response to: Useful links for the summer

steveg [Member]
Here's a link to the article about Kerry-Ann


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