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February Demoted By The IAU


Comment from: don pullen [Member] Email
I saw this tongue-in-cheek report via BadAstronomy. I definitely chuckled.

It falls into a similar vein as Illinois' legislature declaring Pluto back to being a full planet.

Unfortunately they are serious - and also wrong in some of their justifications.

But at least when we have our meeting on Friday, it will be Pluto Day in Illinois.
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Comment from: Glenn & Gail [Member] Email
Pluto day - really? Maybe that should have been last Sunday when we lost an hour... ;)
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Comment from: Heather NEPROSZEL [Member] Email
ahh, the irony of one bureaucracy poking fun at another bureaucracy...

I should be careful about using the word "irony". Maybe I should replace irony with the word "humour". After all humour has 6 letters and irony has only 5 - irony is a "dwarf" word!

(I think there are 11 planets (yeah plain old planets) at least; dwarf is such a charming word!)

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Comment from: Glenn & Gail [Member] Email
The IAU is painting itself into a corner - since planets are named after mythological figures; it looks like they'll have to limit the number of dwarf planets to seven ;)

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Comment from: don pullen [Member] Email
So who's next to go? Sleepy, Dopey or Mercury? (Could be a contender for demotion if they ever find those vulcanoids they keep predicting exist. It could mean that Mercury didn't clear it's orbit.)
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Comment from: brendaf [Member] Email
I laughed so hard I almost coughed myself sick. At least the pneumonia is almost gone!!
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