April 2017 Event Horizon Newsletter

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The April issue of the Hamilton Amateur Astronomers Event Horizon newsletter is now available for download!

In this issue you’ll find…

  • Easter and Astronomy
  • Snippets from April Fools’ Day
  • The Sky This Month
  • March 2017 General Meeting Summary
  • Upcoming Events & McCallion Planetarium Shows
  • Cartoon Corner

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Photo credit: Open Clusters M44 and M67, by Bob Christmas

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John Gauvreau John Gauvreau says:

Another excellent edition of the newsletter, but I wish to make an important correction. The group that went to observe the grazing occultation of Aldebaran was led by Eric Shepard, who was omitted from the article (page 6). Eric did the calculations to determine the best location to observe from and did them perfectly. Thanks to him we all enjoyed a very successful outing with better observations than I have seen from any other observers of this event. Congratulations Eric; you deserve the most credit and I’m sorry you were left out of the article.

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